The Department of Chemistry’s mission is to offer undergraduate and graduate programs of study that delivers the core elements of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Forensic Science and related fields. It provides a chemical education that prepares students for professional work in chemistry, graduate schools, teaching positions, and scientific- or laboratory-based employment. The department believes that optimal learning is achieved when the study of essential content is reinforced through laboratory experience. Our programs offer opportunities to actively participate in modern chemical research that includes the use of modern chemical instrumentation and technology. Effective communication of chemical information is promoted, as is critical thinking and the development of problem solving skills.


Student Outcomes

The faculty teach and model scientific rigor with the highest professional and academic standards generating confident, competent and ethical future practitioners.

Our students acquire life-long skills in communication, study design and research. Both the graduate and undergraduate student regularly interface with chemistry laboratories early in their careers creating innovations that open new research opportunities in the life, forensic, measurement, and environmental sciences.

Successful students from our Department acquire the following: 

knowledge and understanding to appropriately apply the fundamentals of chemistry

experience in standard laboratory activities, experimental design and execution, laboratory information systems and record keeping, synthesis and characterization, accurate and precise measurements, modern instrumentation, chemical safety and hazards

the ability to locate scientific information within the chemical literature

the ability to express chemical knowledge and methods in written and oral forms

Letter from the Chair

Welcome to a community of active lifelong learning in the Department of Chemistry at Rutgers University–Camden!

Chemistry is essential to modern society, driving innovation from materials, environmental, forensic and life sciences. We are home to nine independent research laboratories, each at the forefront of their disciplines. This breadth and depth of understanding informs and guides our undergraduate program and enhances your education. We are committed to fostering an open environment that enhances professional growth and inquiry, leading to a better society. While we are large enough to have all the resources and opportunities to support a well-articulated research division, we are small enough to support a student-centric, individualized education model. Students learn valuable and professional skills with a broad societal perspective preparing them for a productive life of learning and accomplishment.

I encourage you to explore details in our programs, faculty research, and opportunities available in the Department of Chemistry at Rutgers University–Camden. I look forward to working with you!



                                              Jinglin Fu
                                              Associate Professor and Chair