Students declaring as chemistry majors should use the subject code 160. To declare a major, go to the registrar’s office and tell them you wish to major in chemistry. This will ensure that you receive updated information about course offerings and other matters of interest for chemistry students.

When you use Degree Navigator, you should make sure you select the CA degree code no matter which track you’re in. This ensures that you are meeting the requirements for Rutgers-Camden, not other Rutgers campuses. This also applies to the minor in chemistry.

Meeting Degree Requirements

The Rutgers University Catalogs are the definitive authority on requirements. See the current entry for chemistry. Degree Navigator should be used only as a guide. It is not 100-percent correct, especially if you have complications such as transferred credits, course substitutions, etc.

Any confusion should be discussed with the Chemistry department chair, who has the final decision of whether you have met the degree requirements.

Degree Tracks