You can claim to have earned an American Chemical Society-approved chemistry degree if you have met the following requisites:

  • Chemical Principles I & Chemical Principles I Lab 
  • Chemical Principles II & Chemical Principles II Lab 
  • Organic Chemistry I & Organic Chemistry I Lab 
  • Analytical Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry Lab 
  • Physical Chemistry I & Physical Chemistry I Lab 
  • Biochemistry I & Biochemistry I Lab 
  • Inorganic Chemistry I 
  • Organic Chemistry II & Organic Chemistry II Lab 
  • Instrumental Analysis & Instrumental Analysis Lab 
  • Physical Chemistry II & Physical Chemistry II Lab 
  • One Lecture Course: Inorganic Chemistry II, Biochemistry II, Structure and Bonding, or a Graduate Level Course. (Undergraduate Research can count as up to 3 lab credits AND up to 4 credits of In Depth Course.)
  • Calculus I & II 
  • Physics I & Physics I Lab 
  • Physics II & Physics II Lab 
  • (Recommended but not required:  Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations.)

ACS Terminology

  • Introductory
  • Foundation
  • In depth
  • Lab experience
  • Cognate courses

Information is taken from the current American Chemical Society guidelines from their committee on professional training (as of 2008). Visit the ACS Approval Program for Bachelor’s Degree Programs.