The Department offers a program for students interested in obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry in as quickly as five years. The dual-degree program requires admission in the Spring term of a student’s junior year.

To Apply:

  1. In the first semester of your Junior Year, contact the Graduate Program Director to determine eligibility. Also, visit the Graduate School’s Accelerated Degree Program webpage to learn about the application process.
  2. Ensure you are registered for or completed at least 90 credits towards a B.S. in Chemistry – Traditional or Biochemistry Track – from Rutgers-Camden by the end of the junior year.
  3. Provide three supportive letters of recommendation from faculty or scientific supervisor, wherein at least two letters are from faculty.
  4. Submit a personal letter indicating your career goals and interests. This letter should indicate which Bachelor and Master tracks are sought and your career goals, plans and objectives.

Upon admittance to the accelerated program, the student may begin graduate school in the summer after graduation. Upon entering graduate school, the student will already have completed three of the courses required for the master’s degree.