The goals of the graduate program in chemistry at Rutgers-Camden are to offer courses in the major branches of chemistry so that students can reinforce (strengthen) their chemical knowledge and expand into additional specialized areas of chemical analysis/study. We offer an encouraging atmosphere advantageous to the learning process through low student – to – faculty ratios.

The program is tailored to meet the educational needs of the individual student based on their specific career goals: industry, high school teaching, continued education (PhD or other professional school). The program includes the opportunity to conduct original, publishable research under the mentorship of knowledgeable faculty. 


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of chemistry and an increased understanding in their area of specialization.
  2. Be able to apply critical analysis in the use of the scientific method.
  3. Be able to obtain scientific information from the literature, evaluate scholarly publications and properly reference technical information.
  4. Be fluent in the language of chemistry including communication of chemical knowledge (both oral and written communication).