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ACS Accredited Degree

American Chemical Society (ACS) Accreditation (as of 2008)

You can claim to have earned an ACS approved chemistry degree if you have met the following requisites:

  • Chem Principles I and lab
  • Chem Principles II and lab
  • Organic I and lab
  • Analytical and lab
  • PChem I and lab
  • Biochem I and lab
  • Inorganic I
  • Organic II and lab
  • Instrumental and lab
  • PChem II and lab
  • 1 lecture course from (Inorg II, Biochem II; Str & Bonding; Grad courses)
    (Undergrad research can count as up to 3 lab credits AND up to 4 credits of In Depth Course)
  • Calculus I and II
  • Physics I and II and labs
    (Recommended but not required: Calculus III, Linear Algebra, diff Eq.)

ACS terminology

  • Introductory
  • Foundation
  • In depth
  • Lab experience
  • Cognate courses

Information is taken from the current American Chemical Society guidelines from their committee on professional training. From the ACS web site navigate American Chemical Society > About Us > Governance > Committees > Professional Training >Approval Program for Bachelor Degree Programs