SamokhvalovAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University
315 Penn Street
Camden, NJ 08102
Tel: 856-225-6282


My research interests are in Experimental Physical Chemistry, broadly defined. Specific research areas of the current academic interest include:

  1.  Mechanistic studies of photocatalytic oxidation and reduction of aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur-aromatic compounds and water splitting.
  2. Surface science and adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons and sulfur-aromatic compounds onto metal oxides and metals.
  3. Photocatalytic reforming of biomass to hydrogen for the needs of the future “hydrogen economy“. Solar fuels and biofuels.
  4. Development of the novel in-situ real-time Operando non-destructive instrumental techniques for studies of heterogeneous chemical reactions.
  5. Applications of semiconductor devices for biophysics and photo-biophysics.

Research can be carried out by the Undergraduate and Master students under my academic supervision.

I am starting my research at Rutgers, and my research projects as above are multi-disciplinary, as are my past scientific projects.

The interested students will be given the opportunities to learn multiple experimental techniques and discover the 
new and exciting research trends and career options. There are possibilities of matching the individual research interests of the student.  

The interested students should contact me at